Introduction to the RAD Lab Cluster

The most current cluster information is on the RAD Lab's internal R Cluster page.

The RAD Lab Cluster currently has an odd assortment of computers.

Using the Cluster

Access to this cluster is limited to members of the RAD_Lab. Others may request time on an as-needed basis pending availability.

This is an unscheduled shared resource. You can view the current use of the machines by running gstat or viewing the Ganglia graphs.

gstat provides an ordered list of available machines. Machines with a load >= 4 are fully loaded and should be avoided until current jobs have completed.



While you should be able execute jobs from your EECS department home directory, we strongly suggest that you launch all jobs from a /work/$user directory. Before executing a program, copy all binaries and data files into your /work directory, cd into that directory, and execute from there. This avoids putting unnecessary load on EECS department fileservers, which are sometimes unable to handle many simultaneous mount requests.

RAD Lab /work has no deletion policy. /scratch is local to each machine. Data left on anywhere compute nodes or on the /work filesystem is never backed up. Your EECS home directory is backed up as per IRIS policy & fee schedule.

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