The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society was established to sponsor collaborative information technology research that will ultimately provide solutions to grand-challenge social and commercial problems affecting the quality of life of all Californians. The set of applications include energy efficiency, transportation, environmental monitoring, seismic safety, education, cultural research and health care.

As part of the CITRIS project, Hewlett-Packard and Intel have agreed to donate a 128 node cluster. This will consist of 256 Itanium-2 processors, up to 6 Gflops per processor, for a peak of around 1 Teraflop, with half a Terabyte RAM and 18 Terabytes of disk.

The CITRIS Cluster was retired Spring 2009.

CITRIS Cluster Hardware

The CITRIS Itanium-2 Cluster currently has 96 compute nodes and 3 frontend nodes with the following configurations:

Qty. 22 (c1-c16, c49-c54) Qty. 42 (c17-c48, c55-c64) Qty. 30 (c67-c96) Qty. 2 (c65-c66)
HP rx2600 HP rx1620 HP rx2600
Dual 900MHz Itanium 2 Dual 1.3GHz Itanium 2 Dual 1.5GHz Itanium 2
McKinley Madison Madison
L1 cache - 32KB L1 cache - 32KB ? L1 cache - 32KB
L2 cache - 256KB L2 cache - 256KB ? L2 cache - 256KB
L3 cache - 1.5MB L3 cache - 3MB ? L3 cache - 6MB
2 36GB 10K rpm disks 2 73GB 15K rpm disks
Linux 2.6.18
  • Nodes c17-c48 have Myricom Myrinet LANai XP PCI-X M3F-PCIXD-2 high-speed interconnect cards.
  • Nodes c1-c16, c49-c61 have Myricom Myrinet 2000 LANai 9 M3S-PCI64B high-speed interconnect cards.
  • The IBM Fast Storage Cluster provides high-speed shared filesystems to this compute cluster.

Using the Cluster

 Scheduling on the CITRIS cluster was previously facilitated by the PBS Pro batch system version 8.0. We have switched to the Torque Resource Manager and Maui Cluster Scheduler.

There are 3 frontend nodes to the CITRIS Cluster:



If you are unfamiliar with MPI, please visit the MPI Tutorial. MPI jobs can be run over gigabit Ethernet using our modified P4 version, or over Myrinet GM (the preferred, faster way).



Please use the following language in papers that have benefited from the use of the CITRIS cluster:

“The authors wish to acknowledge the contribution from Intel Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Corporation, IBM Corporation, and the National Science Foundation grant EIA-0303575 in making hardware and software available for the CITRIS Cluster which was used in producing these research results.”

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