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I've never tried with the protocol you reference before {CTP, TYMO} and I
don't know theris characteristics, but we've applied the IEEE 802.15.4 standard
protocol for similar applications. I think in your case is quite suitable.

There are two implementation on the TinyOS tree but I recommend you to
use *tkn154.
*You could find it in *tos/lib/mac/tkn154* and example applications in *
*TKN154: http://www.tkn.tu-berlin.de/publications/papers/TKN154.pdf*
IEEE 802.15.4:
Summary IEEE 802.15.4: http://www.sinemergen.com/zigbee.pdf


On 26 November 2010 13:23, "José A. Tarifa" <jostargal at alum.us.es> wrote:

>  Hi to all!
> I'm working on a project with Tmote Sky (with Cygwin) and TinyOS 2.1
> I want to collect data from several motes (which get ADC readings and
> process these) to a base-node. I've seen that CTP protocol would be suitable
> --> http://docs.tinyos.net/index.php/Network_Protocols#Collection
> But I also want to send individual messages (and diffusion messages
> sometimes) from the base to a particular node (or to all nodes). Which
> network protocol can I use for this? Maybe the TYMO protocol -->
> http://docs.tinyos.net/index.php/Tymo ? Is it compatible with CTP ?
> I've though of use Dissemination protocol -->
> http://docs.tinyos.net/index.php/Network_Protocols#Dissemination, but the
> messages are received by all nodes... :(
> Thanks!
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> Jose A.
> Seville, Spain
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