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Wed Nov 24 21:56:51 PST 2010

Hi  , 
I would like to know what is the use of macro  PFLAGS+=-DLOW_POWER_LISTENING and how it varies from setting of  parameters using low power listening commands like
  command void setLocalSleepInterval(uint16_t sleepIntervalMs);
  command uint16_t getLocalSleepInterval();
  command void setLocalDutyCycle(uint16_t dutyCycle);
  command uint16_t getLocalDutyCycle();
  command void setRxSleepInterval(message_t *msg, uint16_t sleepIntervalMs);
  command uint16_t getRxSleepInterval(message_t *msg);
  command void setRxDutyCycle(message_t *msg, uint16_t dutyCycle);
  command uint16_t getRxDutyCycle(message_t *msg);
  command uint16_t dutyCycleToSleepInterval(uint16_t dutyCycle);
  command uint16_t sleepIntervalToDutyCycle(uint16_t sleepInterval);

There are two applications  

where in the application  /opt/tinyos-2.x/apps/MultihopOscilloscope it uses Macro setting and in the
other application /opt/tinyos-2.x/apps/tests/TestLPL it uses commands for setting Lpl parameters. 
I would like to know how two are differ.

Thanks & Regards,

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