[Tinyos-help] obtaining ctp experiment results

Nicole Chiesi nicole.chiesi at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 08:03:50 PST 2010

I am trying to do the similar experiment as done as mentioned here
http://sing.stanford.edu/gnawali/ctp/ctp-sensys-data.html . Basically I want
to get and analyse the figures given in index.html file of the experiment.

It feels that the experiment data given there is just some excerpts of the
experiment .
How are these calculations made?

*#node total_sent uniq_rcv success_rate total_rcv repeated_rcv (frac)
repeated_rcvthl (frac) minseq maxseq*

from the experimental data given there.

I was able to set up the experiment and run the experiment but I have no
idea how I can come to these results.

thanks for the help,

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