[Tinyos-help] tmote sky reference sheet?

Urs Hunkeler urs.hunkeler at epfl.ch
Fri Nov 19 04:39:16 PST 2010


Yep, Moteiv does not exist anymore, they became Sentilla and have their 
own Java-based system now. The drivers were never really ported to 
TinyOS 2.x. The port that I did works with TinyOS 2.x but does not take 
into account the recommended structures of the modules.

Some people have in the past expressed an intend to extend my port and 
include other sensors, but I have no idea what the state of such work 
is. It's not extremely difficult to make the drivers work with TinyOS 
2.x so you could modify the other drivers yourself.

The sensirion and other sensors that are already optional with the Tmote 
Sky are not included with the Tmote Invent (if you look at the board you 
can see that the space on the PCB is not occupied).

You can find the documentation on Tmote Sky and Tmote Invent here:

The Tmote Sky Datasheet and the Tmote Invent User Guide contain the 


On 11/19/2010 01:13 PM, CJ Davies wrote:
> Thankyou very much. Can I just clarify - is the situation with the Tmote
> Invent that when Moteiv discontinued them in 2007 in the Sentilla
> transition, they dropped development of the drivers, so there are only
> official drivers for TinyOS 1.x which you have begun porting to TinyOS 2.x?
> I've tried the LEDs & can confirm that they work perfectly, as does the
> photo driver & I've briefly toyed with the accelerometer & it seems to
> work too, which is great! I know that the telosb has temperature &
> humidity provided by SensirionSht11C, but the documentation I've found
> for the Tmote Invent mentions only temperature, provided originally by
> InternalTempC so I presume it replaces the SensirionSht11C with a
> different temperature sensor - has any work been done on porting this
> driver to TinyOS 2.x yet?
> Regards,
> CJ Davies
> On 11/18/2010 06:57 PM, Urs Hunkeler wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I started to port the TinyOS 1.x drivers to TinyOS 2.x. I currently
>> don't have any Tmote Skys, so I cannot help you further, but here are
>> the drivers that I ported. The LEDs should work.
>> Cheers,
>> Urs
>> On 11/18/10 6:27 PM, CJ Davies wrote:
>>> My bad - just discovered they are actually tmote invent, despite the
>>> only branding anywhere outside or inside the device saying tmote sky!
>>> Regards,
>>> CJ Davies
>>> On 11/18/2010 05:21 PM, CJ Davies wrote:
>>>> Is there any reference documentation for the tmote sky from moteiv, in
>>>> particular which actually lists how each sensor/LED is accessed? The
>>>> models I have here have a daughter board that sits on top of the main
>>>> board& has 3 LEDs on it which line up with 3 holes in the plastic
>>>> casing - however if I use LedsC& Leds.led{0-2}toggle() this activates
>>>> the LEDs on the main board, not the daughter board - this is a bit
>>>> annoying because the LEDs on the main board are obscured by the casing
>>>> so can only be seen when it is dismantled!
>>>> Regards,
>>>> CJ Davies

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