[Tinyos-help] Zigbee implementation on Tinyos2.1.1

mohammed tarek elmorsy20022003 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 15:28:46 PST 2010

Hello Ricardo 
Thanks so much for your quick response.
Yes I am  willing to contribute in developing Zigbee Security stack as a project  
for my MsC. Could you please provide me with more information and  details about 
your development  project? Are you going to implement  Zigbee security stack and 
if so which version of Zigbee would you  implement (Zigbee - Zigbee pro) ?. And 
What is the areas assumed  to be  covered on this implementation (encryption - 
authentication -key  managements - intrusion detection and key revocation- 

 Thanks again for your response 
Waiting your response

Mohammed Tarek

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Hello Tarek,
For the moment security is not supported in the Zigbee implementation. However, 
we are currently trying to make that happen as we are realigning with a more 
stable ieee 802.15.4 implementation. Perhaps you are willing to contribute?
Ricardo Severino
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Subject: [Tinyos-help] Zigbee implementation on Tinyos2.1.1
I need to ask which version of Zigbee is implemented on tinyos is it Zigbee pro 
(Zigbee 2007) that provides 2 security modes (Standard - High) or is it Zigbee 
that provides one mode for encryption 

Mohammed Tarek
Teach assistant
Computer and systems dep.
Faculty of Engineering
Zagazig university

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