[Tinyos-help] tmote sky reference sheet?

Urs Hunkeler urs.hunkeler at epfl.ch
Thu Nov 18 10:03:01 PST 2010

Do you have Tmote Invents? If so, you need the Tmote Invent drivers.

How to identify whether the motes you have are Tmote Invents? From 
memory, this is what I remember: They have a light sensor, a microphone, 
a (small) loudspeaker, headphone jacks, and an accelerometer. They come 
(came) in a gray plastic casing that could be attached to a key chain 
and have two buttons: power and reset. They have a rechargeable battery 
that is powered over USB. Internally, they are Tmote Skys with an 
extension board.


On 11/18/10 6:21 PM, CJ Davies wrote:
> Is there any reference documentation for the tmote sky from moteiv, in
> particular which actually lists how each sensor/LED is accessed? The
> models I have here have a daughter board that sits on top of the main
> board&  has 3 LEDs on it which line up with 3 holes in the plastic
> casing - however if I use LedsC&  Leds.led{0-2}toggle() this activates
> the LEDs on the main board, not the daughter board - this is a bit
> annoying because the LEDs on the main board are obscured by the casing
> so can only be seen when it is dismantled!
> Regards,
> CJ Davies

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