[Tinyos-help] tmote sky reference sheet?

CJ Davies cjohndavies at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 09:21:14 PST 2010

Is there any reference documentation for the tmote sky from moteiv, in 
particular which actually lists how each sensor/LED is accessed? The 
models I have here have a daughter board that sits on top of the main 
board & has 3 LEDs on it which line up with 3 holes in the plastic 
casing - however if I use LedsC & Leds.led{0-2}toggle() this activates 
the LEDs on the main board, not the daughter board - this is a bit 
annoying because the LEDs on the main board are obscured by the casing 
so can only be seen when it is dismantled!

CJ Davies

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