[Tinyos-help] tmote sky hamamatsuC missing?

Urs Hunkeler urs.hunkeler at epfl.ch
Tue Nov 16 20:48:21 PST 2010


The Hamamatsu sensors are for light, and there are two different ones, 
that's why they are not simply called HamamatsuC, but rather 
HamamatsuS1087ParC and HamamatsuS10871TsrC. They are in 
$TOSROOT/tos/platforms/telosa/chips/s1087 and 
$TOSROOT/tos/platforms/telosa/chips/s10871 respectively.

For temperature, you want to use SensirionSht11C (in 
$TOSROOT/tos/platforms/telosa/chips/sht11). As the Sensirion chip 
measures both temperature and humidity, in addition to replacing the 
component you have to specify that you want to read temperature.


On 11/16/10 9:05 PM, CJ Davies wrote:
> I am trying to change the SenseC application to access the temperature
> sensor on a Tmote Sky node, which I think should be as simple as
> starting by changing
> new DemoSensorC() as Sensor
> to
> new HamamatsuC() as Sensor
> in SenseAppC.nc however I can't find HamamatsuC anywhere in my tinyos
> source tree. I'm using the VMWare image from the TinyOS website so I
> presumed everything would already be there, but it doesn't seem to have
> the neccessary stuff from moteiv.
> Can anybody shed some light on this, it's driving me crazy blundering
> through the directories hoping to come across what I need!
> Regards,
> CJ Davies

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