[Tinyos-help] [Info] A complete Imote2 installation & programming guide on Ubuntu

Nelson Dopico nelson at gaps.ssr.upm.es
Tue Nov 16 11:27:21 PST 2010

Hi there!

It was me who recently updated IMote2 wiki page along with iMote2 Compiler. Since that's much more than a minor change, I'd propose to synchronize with Paul for his update or at least to make you aware that such contents have been updated recently in contrast with how they were last Friday, i.e. nearly two years without updates. Paul, e-mail me if you want to talk about this!



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> Hello Phil,
> Thank you for your suggestion. I stopped by iMote2 page of tinyos wiki
> and found that someone already put a link to my web page. I, of course,
> agree that the link will not be permanent as I will be graduating.
> So I will put all of my contents into the tinyos wiki as a part of it
> soon as you suggested. Then it will persist.
> Thank you.
> Paul

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