[Tinyos-help] MSP430 Increasing clock speed (MCLK)

"José A. Tarifa" jostargal at alum.us.es
Tue Nov 16 04:01:51 PST 2010

I'm using Tmote Sky (TelosB) for an application. I'd like to increase 
the main clock frequency (from 4MHz -> 8MHz). I've tried to change some 
files, like "MoteClockP"... but it doesn't work!
I've discovered a solution, which is provided by "rincon":  
I've used it with these flags:   ENABLE_SPI0_DMA: yes;   HAVE_ROSC_P2_5: 
no;  FAST_SMCLK: no.
With that configuration, the clock must work at 8MHz ¿? All peripherals 
work except the UART (I'm using "printf" library). I get "bad packet", 
"packet too long"... messages in Cygwin. I've tried all options... but 
transmit messages through the USB port doesn't work. I suppose the UART 
speed is too fast... but in "TelosSerialP" file the UART configuration 
seems correct.
Anybody has used this component?


Jose A.
Seville, Spain

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