[Tinyos-help] TinyOS vs Contiki

Jose Araujo araujo at kth.se
Mon Nov 15 10:40:30 PST 2010


There is a course going on at KTH, sweden on Sensor Networks given by  
Adam Dunkels, Luca Mottola and Olaf Landsiedel, with some good info on  
the OSs for WSNs.
In my opinion, if you plan to do hardware implementations with the  
motes use TinyOS since the documentation for TinyOS is much nicer.  
Contiki as a fantastic simulator that TinyOS doesnt have.



> Hi Wahid,
> I ended up using TinyOS because of the documentation and the  
> community. I
> found that Contiki's documentation was awful compared with TinyOS's  
> one.
> Furthermore, everyone that I know is using TinyOS, and for what I  
> needed to
> do (implementing and changing the 802.15.4 standard) it was perfect  
> cause it
> had the TKN154 implementation inside the mac layer of the OS.
> Regards,
>  Pablo
> 2010/11/14 Wahid <hamishagi at yahoo.com>
>> Hi pablo
>> I was gogling on the same tpoic as you did last month: is contiki  
>> better or
>> tinyos?
>> I didn't see anybody answering your question. Did you reach any  
>> conclusion?
>> I'm going to start a project on 6lowpan and I'd like to know which  
>> OS to
>> use. I'll be needing both OS its respective simulator. I need to  
>> know which
>> one is better so that i dont run into troubles later. If you have  
>> reached
>> any conclusion, please shoot.
>> Thank you
>> wahid

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