[Tinyos-help] TinyOS vs Contiki

Jose Araujo araujo at ee.kth.se
Mon Nov 15 10:53:49 PST 2010


The Cooja with TinyOS is not yet 100% bug free but maybe it works 100%  
well for some things. Worth a try!


On 2010/11/15, at 19:50, Philip Levis wrote:

> On Nov 15, 2010, at 10:45 AM, Jose Araujo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> There is a course going on at KTH, sweden on Sensor Networks given  
>> by Adam Dunkels, Luca Mottola and Olaf Landsiedel, with some good  
>> info on the OSs for WSNs.
>> In my opinion, if you plan to do hardware implementations with the  
>> motes use TinyOS since the documentation for TinyOS is much nicer.  
>> Contiki as a fantastic simulator that TinyOS doesnt have.
>> http://www.ee.kth.se/~oland/teaching/wsn2010/index.html
> I saw Adam demo Cooja at SenSys this year, showing how it can take  
> mote binaries (including TinyOS). It definitely seemed like a super- 
> useful tool.
> Phil

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