[Tinyos-help] About pogram error 57 in usip when trying to program a mote with cywin: Problem solved

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Mon Nov 15 09:17:06 PST 2010

The number I posted, DLL version: 1.5.18, works for me as well.
I guess we have a small research project here, if anyone else
has trouble...or maybe it will just disappear as people use
newer cygwins.


barbaran wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Yes, I remember you answered to my question, and I followed the topic on
> the forum and I sae about 4 or 5 persons complaining about this issue, that
> is not too much, and I'm not sure if it happens in every Windows.
> As you suggested, I ran cygcheck -s and the version of the DLL is 1.7.7, I
> don't know which one was the older one, but I guess it could be the one you
> put in your email. I agree with you, it would be a nice idea that everybody
> that has experienced this error could post the DLL version so we can know
> if it is a general error.
> Our experience here in Málagais that people that tries to install it and
> find any problem move on to VMWare installation, probably that is why not
> too many people has post the problem.
> Regards and thank you for the quick answer,
> Javier.
> On Sun, 14 Nov 2010 11:30:39 -0700, Michael Schippling <schip at santafe.edu>
> wrote:
>> I suppose it's too late to look at your old install,
>> but can you run this in your new cygwin shell:
>>     cygcheck -s
>> It will dump out a lot of info about paths and version
>> numbers, one of which should be the base dll ID, like:
>>      Cygwin DLL version info:
>>          DLL version: 1.5.18
>> AFAIK, this is as close as one can get to a cygwin version ID.
>> Perhaps others who have "error 57" problems can do the same
>> and we may be able to get some traction on this. I haven't
>> followed carefully, but I seem to remember the error being
>> intermittent for some people. Is/was that true?
>> MS
>> barbaran wrote:
>>> Hi all, 
>>> Around March of this year I posted a problem when trying to program a
>>> mote
>>> using TinyOS installed over cygwin, and I got error 57 when using uisp.
>>> Other folks told me that they had the same problem even in Windows XP
> or
>>> 7,
>>> but no one solution came up, so in that days a take the option of
>>> installing VMware, but now I dont want to use it anymore, so I searched
>>> into avr forums, and it seems that installing a new version of cygwin
>>> everything would be all right. 
>>> Yesterday I tried again, using Windows 7, so... firstly, I installed
>>> tinyos using cygwin and rpms available, from the tinyos website, I got
>>> the
>>> error 57 problem when trying to test Blink application into a micaZ.
>>> Then,
>>> without uninstalling anything, I downloaded a new version cygwin and
>>> installed it over the other one, after a while installing (as the
>>> installation program download every cygwin's package separately) I
> didn't
>>> notice any difference with cygwin and neither with tinyos as all the
>>> packages were still installed, and when I tried to program, everything
>>> works fine!! 
>>> So, this e-mail it is only for those who get the error 57 when trying
> to
>>> program a sensor, so they only need to update the cygwin, I think the
>>> reason is that some windows update is creating some problem with the
>>> tinyos
>>> website cygwin version, so yu only need to update it to the latest.
>>> I would also propose to the tinyos website administrator to change the
>>> cygwin installer reference, or at least put a comment about this,
> because
>>> this problem could be causing some people that want to use TinyOS into
>>> Windows to use other o.s. or have a mess trying to install vmware or
> even
>>> installing a Linux.
>>> Regards,
>>> Javier Barbarán
>>> barbaran at lcc.uma.es
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