[Tinyos-help] porting tinyos2.x to atmega128-based board(bigAVR6) / timer0 - issue

Harald Glanzer harald.glanzer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 12:07:12 PST 2010

hey folks,

i'm trying to port tinyos 2.x to the bigAVR6 - platform. this is a
developmentboard designed for avr-mcu.
i'm using an atmega128 on this board. as skeleton is used the micaX -

timer0 at micaX gets it's clock from an external source, but i have to
use the internal cpu-clk.
i already get TimerX.fired() - events(Timer<TMilli>) after some minor
modifications - but i can't change the period
of this events.

for Timer<TMilli> 8bit - timer0 is used in CTC - mode, but i can't
figure out how the compare-value OCR0 is calculated
and where it is set.

could someone please give me an approximate overview about the
atmega128 - timerstructure on mica-platforms
and point me into the right direction?


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