[Tinyos-help] CTP header Structure

wasif masood rwmasood at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 10:19:53 PST 2010


I am working over CTP may be someone can answer some simple questions of
mine which are as follows:

1)- In the ctp_data_header, there is no specific filed for data, when we
receive a msg from above it simply do getHeader and starts overriting that
msg. So why does the data not get currupted because looking at
SubPacket.getPayload(m, sizeof(ctp_data_header_t)) will eventually gives
and according to my understandings this msg->data[0] is already written by
the above layers.

2)- what is this field?
nx_uint8_t (COUNT(0) data)[0];

Kind Regards,
Wasif Masood
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