[Tinyos-help] Current MAC protocol in RF230

Francesco Ficarola francesco.ficarola at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 07:11:49 PST 2010

Miklos Maroti ha scritto:
> I have no idea about the naming. You have to use the LPL interface and
> you have to enable it by defining LOW_POWER_LISTENING. This is how you
> get that behaviour what I have wrote (which I think is Box-MAC-2). You
> can either use RF230ActiveMessageC or just ActiveMessageC (both
> presents the same interfaces).

In fact I did it. In my module I use LowPowerListening interface and in
my configuration I connected it to RF230ActiveMessageC (or however to
Then in my Makefile I added the flag: CFLAGS="-DLOW_POWER_LISTENING"

The app works fine, but reading the TEP 126 and paper of the BoX-MACs
and analyzing the communication with the oscilloscope I got the question
about what could be the MAC used in the RF230 chip, because with a
resolution of 100ms/DIV the transmission seems to be continuous. I
thought it was BoX-MAC-1, because, reading the paper, it was the
protocol that most resembled the analysis done by the oscilloscope.
Now, you think that the protocol is BoX-MAC-2 and probably I'm wrong
because the resolution of the oscilloscope is too low.

> You need much better. Can you record one with 0.1 ms resolution?

Tomorrow I try it and then I inform you. :)

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