[Tinyos-help] Current MAC protocol in RF230

Francesco Ficarola francesco.ficarola at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 06:48:54 PST 2010

Miklos Maroti ha scritto:
> I do not know what resolution you are using. It definitely retransmits
> the same packet over and over and in fact it uses some random backoffs
> of the order of up to 2 ms. This is the default LPL mode.

In my app I used LowPowerListening interface and I connected it to the
RF230ActiveMessageC. Is this a simple LPL? Not BoX-MAC-2? If that is a
simple LPL, to implement BoX-MAC-2 what is the right interface and
However, the oscilloscope resolution in that case was 100ms/DIV.

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