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Thu Nov 11 04:10:30 PST 2010

Hi all,
         1 )  Currently i am using the Intercept() interface in tinyos 1.x .
The interface says that base on the return value we can choose  either  to
forward the msg or not. My question is that ..the msg is forward to a
particular node or to every nodes within the transmission range (
broadcasting ).

         2)  is it true  that  ReceiveMsg interface can only    receive
non-multi hop message ?

         3)  How many buffers can be use for a  micaz mote ?

         4)  Wat is the differenct between
             pack = (XDataMsg *)&(msg_buffer.data);  and  pack=
(XDataMsg*)call Send.getBuffer(&msg_buffer1, &len);

            Can i  change the BASE_STATION_ADDRESS to TOS_BCAST_ADDR

         if (call

Please Help me >> Project of my deadline is very close.

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