[Tinyos-help] Using ncg and one hop blink app

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I wont be perfectly helpful, seeing as I practically havent used C at
all, but I can guide you in the right direction.
Basically thiese are the steps:
1) Be able to read & write stream of bytes to/from your usb port in C
2) Implement base station mote in tinyos, which should be able to send
Radio packages when it receives serial packages
3) Implement end point mote which should be able to blink when
receiving packages
4) In C implement the serial comunication algoryhm used by tinyos

For starters I would suggest flashing base station mote with the
sample software BaseStation which comes together with tinyos and the
other mote with some sending software, like blinktoradio.
For the first part - it should be quite easy, as the motes on usb
connection are basically serial ports - just find any tutorial for
reading and writing to serial ports in C and soo you should be able to
print out in console everything that comes through. (Basestation
should forward all packages received to serial port so you will see
that it works)

For the second part you should just look into the basestation code
provided with tinyos, it does almost exactly the thing ou need -
receives messages from pc and sends to the radio.

For the third part look at BlinkToRadio sample - this code contains
event when receiving radio signal that blinks the led.

For the last part which will probably be the hardest - you will ghave
to reimplement the java library located (at least on my computer)
in C (basicalliy if you have different directory structure, replace
opt/tinyos with your tinyos installation directory.)

The sample files (BaseStation and BlinkToRadio) are located in

Sorry I couldn't  provide you with specific C or TinyOS code, but this
should definately make things clearer.

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 7:11 AM, Ibrahim Abbas <mibss.96 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to write a simple blink app which is single hop based, that is base
> station will recev the message from serial connection and will forward to
> another mote which will blink on message reception. How to write the code in
> c which will send message over serial port to base station (serially
> connected to pc)?
> If any one knows there how to use ncg or mig with c plz let me know.
> plz help asap.
> Any kind of help will be appreciated.
> many thanks in advance.
> waiting for ur early reply.
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