[Tinyos-help] please help me with the tinyos2.1 installation

yongfeng at ualberta.ca yongfeng at ualberta.ca
Mon Nov 8 21:04:54 PST 2010

Hi, everyone,

I am totally new to TinyOS and ran into some problems with  
installation, please help me out.

1.When I go to the apps/Blink, type make micaz, or any other kind, it  
shows as follows:

: no such file or directory
'. stop.make/Makeruleske target '/opt/tinyos-2.x

2.When I did tos-check-env, it shows two warnings.
warning: classpath may not include '.' <that is, the symbol for the  
current working directory>. please add '.' to your classpath or you  
may experinece configuration problems.
warning: no java in current path.

Could someone told me what went wrong and helped me out? Thank you so much!!!


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