[Tinyos-help] I cann't analyse 6LoWPAN packet with Wireshark, pls help me!!!

ngocthanhdinh at dcn.ssu.ac.kr ngocthanhdinh at dcn.ssu.ac.kr
Sun Nov 7 17:28:33 PST 2010

Hello every one,


I ran 6LoWPANcli with serial_tun successfully, when I ping6 , it can print
some packet in serial_tun.



Length: 43

00 ff.....



But when I use wireshark to capture 6LoWPAN packet and try to analysis with
6LoWPAN packet format.

The packets just only UDP packet, I saw details of the packet but it
couldn't analyse 6lowpan packet

But it cannot show 6LoWPAN packet format. 


Does it has anyone know about my problem? What was I wrong?

How can I analyse 6lowpan packet with wireshark?


Hope to have your help!!!


 Thank you and have a nice weekend!!


  Ngoc Thanh


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