[Tinyos-help] Problem with ADC12Multichannel and Radio

"José A. Tarifa" jostargal at alum.us.es
Sun Nov 7 11:54:53 PST 2010

Hi to all!
I've an application that uses the ADC12 Multichannel interface (in 
Msp430Adc12ClientAutoRVGC component) . I've configured it: 2 channels 
(A0, A1), a 256-sample buffer and 328 jiffies (sampling period=313us 
aprox.). When it finishes a conversion, I make "call 
Multichannel.getData()" again... and so on. All OK.
The problem appears when I use the radio. I'm using "Send" interface 
from "CollectionSenderC" component. Every "x" seconds, I send a message 
with "call Send.send(...)". While the message is being transmitted, the 
ADC12 components signals the "Overflow.memOverflow()" event, so the 
buffer isn't completely filled.
Both of peripherals (ADC12 and Radio) work fine separately.
Could they work together at the same time? I think the "send" command 
consumes much CPU time, and the ADC12 MemoryBuffer can't be read.
Platform: Tmote Sky.


Jose A.
Seville, Spain

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