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Omar Cheikhrouhou (yahoo) enis01amor at yahoo.fr
Sun Nov 7 04:34:13 PST 2010


What is the best method to manage sent message. I encounter the following
problem in my application when sending successive messages:

*AMsend return EBUSY

*AMsend return SUCCESS but the message is not received and even the senddone
is not triggered, (possibly it is overwritten by the next message)


Is there any pratical method to manage the sent of successive messages.

Thanks for help.

Omar Cheikhrouhou 
Engineer & Researcher @SENS Lab (Software Engineering and Network Security)
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Ph.D @ CES Lab (Computer and Embedded System)-University of Sfax, National
School of Engineers BP W, Sfax, 3038, Tunisia , Fax:(+216)74665369 
Home page: http://www.ceslab.org/eng/perso.php?id=46
Coordinator C2i @ ISET Sfax (Certified C2i since 2008)



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