[Tinyos-help] Unable to specify device ID

Urs Hunkeler urs.hunkeler at epfl.ch
Fri Nov 5 23:50:27 PDT 2010

Hi Magnus,

Internally, the program is always compiled first with nodeID set to 1. 
In a second step the compiled ELF binary is analyzed, the position of 
the variable definition is extracted and the binary is then modified. 
After that the binary is converted to the Intel HEX format, which is 
then used to program the mote. It looks like the modification of the 
binary does not work (maybe a tool is missing?). Could you install the 
program on a mote and send us the exact output of the command (so we can 
see warning or error messages)? Also what type of motes do you use?


On 11/6/10 12:02 AM, Magnus Morton wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been having problems when using my notebook linux machine, in that
> I'm not able to specify the device ID when installing a program: the
> device ID always defaults to 1. This used to work fine, and still works
> on my desktop PC. I have tried reinstalling tinyos and have checked my
> environment, but I cannot see anything wrong. Does anyone have any ideas
> what might be wrong?
> Best regards,
> Magnus

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