[Tinyos-help] old device that requires the patch

wafa jaballah wafa.jaballah at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 11:02:27 PDT 2010


I have a question about this following error:
I use Tinyos2.1.0, and ubuntu 9.10 to run my application on telosb motes.
In fact, when I want to install my application on a telosb mote, sometimes
it is installed correctly and sometimes it shows me this error:

make telosb install.0, bsl/dev/ttyUSB1

An error occured
 Unknown header 0*F0

Are you downloading to RAM into an old device that requires the patch? Try
Option -U

make: ***[program]Error1

I don't know what is the problem ? and what option -U I have to use? and
what patch do I have to install ?

If you could give me a hand, I will be very thankful.

Thanks in Advance,


Best Regards,
Wafa Ben Jaballah
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