[Tinyos-help] regarding exciting a relay

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Wed Nov 3 10:30:25 PDT 2010

By mentioning XMDA300 I will guess that you are using Moteworks.
A quick look at the RelayM.nc file shows that it is a simple driver
for turning an I/O pin on and off, so it's probably the code that
you want to use in your app. If your moisture sensor is on the same
mote as the relay you probably need to modify whatever the highest
level application files are: do a sensor sample, turn relay on/off,

I admit to not even trying to understand what XMDA300M.nc does, but
I think it is part of Xmesh -- Motework's distributed sensor net
application suite -- which is not really targeted at doing control
functions, either local or remote. If you don't need Xmesh you should
be able to modify a much simpler demo app like Blink or (going back
to the base TOS1.x) Sense.


NeLzZzZ..... . wrote:
> I'm a M.E student from Velammal Engineering College doing project work 
> using MDA300 & MICAz motes.
> I'm having a doubt about exciting a water sprinkler using the relay pins 
> in MDA300 when a analog values exceeds a threshold.[the analog value 
> will be the values from soil moisture sensor]i.e during water scarcity 
> the sprinkler should be actuated. 
> where should i do the changes in my coding? 
> should i do it in XMDA300M.nc or RelayM.nc in mda300 folder?
> please help me 
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