[Tinyos-help] Help with fragmentation issues (using Blip and LPL)

Antonio Liñan drakovski at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 3 02:05:53 PDT 2010


I have 2 motes (BS and sender) and I'm seeing a lot (70% of the total traffic) of IPv6 
messages of the type "next header = IPv6 no next header (0x3b)" being sended 
to the BS by the sender upon receiving a router advertisement message from 
the BS, I think this could be because a fragmentation problem that I cannot find, 
but I'm not really sure if this is the real cause.

LPL settings: 


With the LPL_SLEEP_INTERVAL set to 0 when sending messages from the
Sender to the BS (always on).

I'm trying different configurations by changing the values at IPDispatch, ICMPResponder 
and IPRouting without any luck so far.

I would appreciate any pointers in the right direction, sorry to post this message again.
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