[Tinyos-help] Broken Java SDK in Cygwin RPM

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Tue Nov 2 09:24:28 PDT 2010

Are you sure your CLASSPATH is correct?

If there a directory named net/tinyos/util
I think you may be missing the "." in CLASSPATH.
If the util directory is not there then something
is wrong with the install and you could try redoing it.

If there is a good tinyos.jar in CVS someplace you should
be able to just go ahead and use it.

I don't use T2 so I can't check your work...

Romain Bornet wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new in TOS world and just installed a TOS environment on my Cygwin 
> environment. I could compile some basic application such as Blink but 
> fail to compile applications involving the tinyos.jar Java archive (e.g. 
> apps/MViz).
> I installed from RPMs as described 
> at http://docs.tinyos.net/index.php/Installing_TinyOS_2.1.1#Manual_installation_on_your_host_OS_with_RPMs
> The installed RPM for TOS is the one given in the step-by-step install 
> guide: http://tinyos.stanford.edu/tinyos-rpms/tinyos-tools-1.4.0-3.cygwin.i386.rpm 
> When running /*make telosb*/ in apps/MViz the make process terminates 
> with a bunch of errors:
> vbox at A05PC01-vb /opt/tinyos-2.x/apps/MViz
> $ make telosb
> mkdir -p build/telosb
> javac MVizMsg.java
> *_MVizMsg.java:7: package net.tinyos.message does not exist_*
> public class MVizMsg extends net.tinyos.message.Message {
>                                                ^
> *_MVizMsg.java:67: package net.tinyos.message does not exist_*
>     public MVizMsg(net.tinyos.message.Message msg, int base_offset) {
>                                      ^
> MVizMsg.java:76: package net.tinyos.message does not exist
>     public MVizMsg(net.tinyos.message.Message msg, int base_offset, int 
> data_length) {
>                                      ^
> MVizMsg.java:18: cannot find symbol
> symbol  : method amTypeSet(int)
> location: class MVizMsg
>         amTypeSet(AM_TYPE);
>         ^
> ...
> My CLASSPATH is set correctly but the problem comes from the tinyos.jar 
> archive which effectively does not contain the message package...
> A dump of the JAR content with "$ jar tvf tinyos.jar" shows that the 
> bet.tinyos.message package is missing (and perhaps others).
> I then tried to rebuild myself the JAR with "*/make tinyos.jar/*" 
> in /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/sdk/java but this also fails.
> I think that the available Cygwin RPM is somehow corrupt. What is the 
> best way to go on for me now without having to re-install everything? 
> May I simply replace my tinyos.jar with one downloaded from CVS ?
> Thanks for your help!
>     Romain
> P.S. Sorry if you received this message twice. It was first rejected due 
> to a too big attachment (build log for tinyos.jar).
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