[Tinyos-help] Compiler does not take file in platform directory

tjacob at mail.tu-berlin.de tjacob at mail.tu-berlin.de
Tue Nov 2 02:56:48 PDT 2010


I want to create a new platform based on the msp430 and CC2420 chip.  
Therefore I have modified some files of the directory  
/tos/chips/msp430/usart and copied them into my platform directory.

My problem is that the compiler does not use my local copy of  
msp430usart.h, but the original file in /tos/chips/msp430/usart.

I have copied the file into /platforms/myplatform/msp430/usart as well  
as in /platforms/myplatform and both did not work.

I got the following error:
In component `LocMoteSerialP':
`UBR_1_2MHZ_115200' undeclared here (not in a function)
make: *** [exe0] Error 1

Any idea why he takes the wrong file?

My .platform file looks like (without cc2420):
push( @includes, qw(

   %T/platforms/ myplatform
   %T/platforms/ myplatform /chips/msp430
   %T/platforms/ myplatform /chips/msp430/timer
   %T/platforms/ myplatform /chips/msp430/usart
) );

Hoping for some help,
Best whishes


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