[Tinyos-help] Broken Java SDK in Cygwin RPM

Romain Bornet bornet.romain at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 00:38:51 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm new in TOS world and just installed a TOS environment on my Cygwin
environment. I could compile some basic application such as Blink but fail
to compile applications involving the tinyos.jar Java archive (e.g.

I installed from RPMs as described at

The installed RPM for TOS is the one given in the step-by-step install

When running *make telosb* in apps/MViz the make process terminates with a
bunch of errors:

vbox at A05PC01-vb /opt/tinyos-2.x/apps/MViz
$ make telosb
mkdir -p build/telosb
javac MVizMsg.java
*MVizMsg.java:7: package net.tinyos.message does not exist*
public class MVizMsg extends net.tinyos.message.Message {
*MVizMsg.java:67: package net.tinyos.message does not exist*
    public MVizMsg(net.tinyos.message.Message msg, int base_offset) {
MVizMsg.java:76: package net.tinyos.message does not exist
    public MVizMsg(net.tinyos.message.Message msg, int base_offset, int
data_length) {
MVizMsg.java:18: cannot find symbol
symbol  : method amTypeSet(int)
location: class MVizMsg

My CLASSPATH is set correctly but the problem comes from the tinyos.jar
archive which effectively does not contain the message package...
A dump of the JAR content with "$ jar tvf tinyos.jar" shows that the
bet.tinyos.message package is missing (and perhaps others).

I then tried to rebuild myself the JAR with "*make tinyos.jar*"
in /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/sdk/java but this also fails.

I think that the available Cygwin RPM is somehow corrupt. What is the best
way to go on for me now without having to re-install everything? May I
simply replace my tinyos.jar with one downloaded from CVS ?

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Sorry if you received this message twice. It was first rejected due to
a too big attachment (build log for tinyos.jar).
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