[Tinyos-help] Reg: Cygwin-> no rule to make target

Urs Hunkeler urs.hunkeler at epfl.ch
Mon Nov 1 23:49:56 PDT 2010


The two problems you describe could be related. Maybe tinyos.sh is not 
executed because of a spelling error or something in .profile (executed 
when you start a cygwin shell)? This might explain the error that you 
get when you start the shell and would mean that the TinyOS environment 
is not set up correctly, which would also explain the make error.


On 11/2/10 7:23 AM, SHIVASANKAR GANESAN wrote:
> Hi
> I am getting "*no rule to make target*" error while giving "*make
> micaz*" command in cygwin.
> But when i am commanding "*make micaz*"using Notepad 2 shell,i am not
> getting any error.
> Why this error occur,how to solve it.
> **
> *With regards*
> *Sivasankar*

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