[Tinyos-help] how to distinguish between packets received at base station

manish chaturvedi msc.nit at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 22:00:31 PDT 2010


I am working on RSSI based location tracking problem with micaz motes.

The scenario is as follows:
The moving node (whose location is to be tracked) broadcasts beacon signal
with seqnum, and nodeid .

There are four stationary nodes who receives this beacon packets and
extracts RSSI value from the packet.
They send the packet with RSSI value to base station which is connected to a
laptop to compute location of moving node.

The problem  I am facing is, the base station also receives the beacon
packet sent by moving node and tries to extract rssi from that packet. But
this packet do not have rssi value.

How can I distinguish between packets received from stationary node and
packet from moving node..

Thanking you,

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