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Hi all,

Currently i am working on a project : is about tracking the target inside
the mesh network.I will have three types  of node ..

1) *Target *: Only board casting the message which contain  Hop count , node
i d, and temperature

2,)*Relay * : Received the bcast  and check the Node it ..if the Id is from
the target  increase the hop count  if the ID is from  other relay  increase
the hop count inside the msg by 1  and re boardcast the msg.

3)*Ancho*r : Received the bcast and check the node  ID just like the realy
.. but this time the anchor will send the msg directly to the base satation
which is within the transmisssion range by fixing the address in the msg.
Implementation... *
Assume we have four anchors( position is alrady known) arrange into square
form.the distance between the any two anchor is two transmisssion range
distance , Some realy node in between . Forming a mesh network and  track
the target by looking at the hop count from each Anchor.

Now my problem is that if i put the base station close to one of the Anchor
(A1) .then i am not able to receive the infromation from the rest of the
anchor A2,A3,A4.  SO now i wan to  forward the information from Each anchor
back to the base without changing any information. IS that possibile?

Currently my program code is working fine for every anchor just that i don't
know how to forward the message back to station .

HOpe you can understand what i mean......I really need ur value advices.

Pls help  me and looking forward to ur reply.

Thanks for ur time.
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