[Tinyos-help] Difference between MODE_ONE_HOP_BROADCAST & MODE_UPSTREAM

Mohammad S. Hashemian m.hashemian at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 11:54:14 PST 2009

Hi all,

I use following function in TOS 1.1 to send a packet to the base station:

call MhopSend.send(TOS_BCAST_ADDR,*MODE_ONE_HOP_BROADCAST,*tos_send_msg_ptr,

and I can catch the sent packet in the base station via receive event as

event TOS_MsgPtr Receive.receive(TOS_MsgPtr msg, void* payload, uint16_t
   // codes for handling received packet

but when I change the send function to the following one (change the second

call MhopSend.send(TOS_BCAST_ADDR,*MODE_UPSTREAM,* tos_send_msg_ptr,

the "receive" event in base station cannot catch the sent packet anymore,
while some softwares like MoteView can show that the packet is received in
the base!!!

My wiring for Receive component is as follow:

GeminiBaseM.Receive   -> MULTIHOPROUTER.Receive[AM_XMULTIHOP_MSG];

and wiring for MHopSend in mote's code is:

GeminiMotesM.MhopSend      -> MULTIHOPROUTER.MhopSend[AM_XMULTIHOP_MSG];

Does anyone have any clue about how can I catch the sent packet in base
station, while I'm sending the packet using MODE_UPSTREAM as second

thanks very much

Mohammad S. Hashemian
Research Scholar/DISCUS Lab
Department of Computer Science
254.2 Thorvaldson Building
University of Saskatchewan
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