[Tinyos-help] problem with Tossim

Moni GV tamuzija at yahoo.es
Fri Feb 27 04:11:58 PST 2009

Thank you!

I followed the tutorial step by step, I forgot mention it...
I don't get the same output as it is in the example. Lets say, there is no sim.o file in my build directory. There is no:
compiling Python support into pytossim.o and tossim.o
linking into shared object ./_TOSSIMmodule.so

I got a normal output, even though I included tossim at TOS lib...
Do I have to make anything special to integrate tossim?

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You do not execute application like this.
Read the tutorial http://docs.tinyos.net/index.php/TOSSIM


Moni GV wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to work with tinyOS with a Wireless sensor network. To
simulate a network, I try to use TOSSIM. But I think I have problems with the
integration of tossim in tinyos lib.
> It is supposed that to build the application, using the make-command is
> make micaz sim
> But I don't get any simulation packet. So when I execute the
application for 1 mote:
> build/micaz/main.exe 1
> I get error messages about illegal instruction...
> The environment I'm working with is Moteworks of Crossbow. TinyOS is
integrated on it. I hesitate whether this is a problem for the simulator to work
> Thank you!!
> Monica
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