[Tinyos-help] wireless communication speed

Miklos Maroti mmaroti at math.u-szeged.hu
Wed Feb 25 12:46:10 PST 2009

Hi Andrey,

> My first effort to use channel switching is failed. The event
> setChannelDone() should be signaled only if the channel was successfully
> switched. This event is being signaled in my program (I let the LED
> toggling in this event), but the channel seems to be not changed.
> Because I can still reach the remote mote with switched channel from the
> basestation with the "old" channel. In the via radio received message
> the channel is reported as to be switched. Curious. I'm wondering, what
> would say the getChannel().

Strange. I have implemented the getChannel command, and at the same
time have renamed the RadioConfig interface to RadioChannel (sorry for
this, but it matches better my future plans)

> I'm using the radio stop/start between switch.

No need to do that, but out of curiosity, do you use the SplitControl


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