[Tinyos-help] need help with understanding Tinyos

Urs Hunkeler uhu at gmx.ch
Tue Feb 24 13:06:04 PST 2009

Hi Mohamed,

TinyOS is an embedded operating system. To save memory space, the 
operating system is not installed as a separate software module, but 
rather the programs that you want to use are compiled into a single 
binary, which then is installed on the motes. In addition, the 
development environment (without which you cannot use TinyOS) provides 
libraries which run on the base station (computer) and facilitate 
communication between the wireless sensor network and applications 
running on the base station.

To summarize:
- TinyOS is primarily installed on the motes (sensor nodes, such as 
MicaZ or TelosB).
- TinyOS is not very useful by itself, you need an application to go 
with it (e.g. Deluge).
- The development environment for TinyOS provides libraries to be 
installed on the base station.

To get started with TinyOS you might want to read the tutorials:


Mohamed H. Seddik wrote:
> Hi ALL
> I'd like to know, we install the tinyos (the operating system) on the mote or the base station ? if not the mote, what we use with the mot ?
> or we just use the tinyos for installing  the application on the mote.
> I am really confused with this.
> last quest. is there any codes can be used to monitor the mote battery level ?
> thanks
> Mohamed

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