[Tinyos-help] What's the meaning of 'time' in TOS_Msg?

Guo Huiliang huiliang.guo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 02:05:12 PST 2009


typedef struct TOS_Msg
  /* The following fields are transmitted/received on the radio. */
  uint8_t length;
  uint8_t fcfhi;
  uint8_t fcflo;
  uint8_t dsn;
  uint16_t destpan;
  uint16_t addr;
  uint8_t type;
  uint8_t group;
  int8_t data[TOSH_DATA_LENGTH];
  /* The following fields are not actually transmitted or received
   * on the radio! They are used for internal accounting only.
   * The reason they are in this structure is that the AM interface
   * requires them to be part of the TOS_Msg that is passed to
   * send/receive operations.
  uint8_t strength;
  uint8_t lqi;
  bool crc;
  bool ack;
  uint16_t time;
} __attribute((packed)) TOS_Msg;

eg. I use the struct TOS_Msg in function ReceiveMsg.receive(TOS_MsgPtr
as above shows, what's the meaning of uint16_t time in struct TOS_Msg under
the circumstances ?

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