[Tinyos-help] wireless communication speed

Miklos Maroti mmaroti at math.u-szeged.hu
Tue Feb 24 01:42:49 PST 2009

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 10:33 AM, Andrey Gursky <andrey.gursky at online.ua> wrote:
> Miklos Maroti wrote:
>> Hi Andrey,
>>> And may be you know the actual state about enabling blip (b6lowpan) on IRIS?
>> Unfortunately no. Can you give some pointers?
> There was one conversation between you and Steve (blip developer):
> https://www.millennium.berkeley.edu/pipermail/tinyos-devel/2008-July/003259.html
>>> By the way, I'm trying to implement the dynamical channel switch (e.g. for
>>> quickly RSSI tests) per command through uart, so that I must not reflash
>>> each time 2 or more motes. Now I have to carefully manage a variable, that
>>> saves the current channel assignment. I cannot find any function in rf230
>>> stack to get the current channel. Is it hard to implement one?
>> Use the RadioConfig interface. You do not need to power down the MAC,
>> but if it is currently busy (TX or RX) then the setChannel command
>> will return EBUSY and you need to retry later.
> Yes, thanks to the fact, you've recently added the RadioConfig interface
> I should be able to switch the channel (I'm testing it now), but this
> interface lacks something like a getChannel() function.

Ok, I will add that :) Miklos

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