[Tinyos-help] rom and ram size

Razvan Musaloiu-E. razvanm at cs.jhu.edu
Thu Feb 19 18:18:40 PST 2009


On Fri, 20 Feb 2009, BAI LI wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for your reply. I did a test on Blink application in TinyOS1.x and
> TinyOS2.x. The ROM size of Blink in 1.x is 2000+ bytes while in 2.x is about
> 8000+ bytes. How come the similar code has such big difference? That is why
> I am curious about why the ROM and RAM size is much bigger than in 1.x.

There are a lot of difference in the internals of tinyos-2.x relative to 

> For those objdump and readelf tools, what kind of file format it can
> regonize? Is that .o file?

If works on both .o and .exe.

> Where I can normally file those file in my application? Is that possible 
> to offer me an example?

To see the code:
 	msp430-objdump -d build/telosb/main.exe
To see the data:
 	msp430-objdump -t build/telosb/main.exe
 	msp430-readelf -s build/telosb/main.exe

Razvan ME

> On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Razvan Musaloiu-E. <razvanm at cs.jhu.edu>wrote:
>> Hi!
>> On Thu, 19 Feb 2009, BAI LI wrote:
>>   Hi All,
>>> When you compile the program in TinyOS, it will show you the Rom and Ram
>>> size in the compiling infor. I am just wondering wat factors determine both
>>> rom and ram size. As I developed two hash functions however when i did the
>>> comparison. They don't have much difference on the size of rom and ram. I
>>> would like to polish the program and try to reduce the size of rom and ram.
>>> Can anyone tell me what I should notice when i program? Thanks.
>> In few words ROM includes the code and initialized data and RAM includes
>> both initialized and uninitialized data (note that the stack is not
>> included).
>> Two excellent tools you can use to explore your program are objdump and
>> readelf. For telos they have a 'msp430-' prefix in front. For mica family
>> the prefix is 'avr-'.
>> All the best!
>> Razvan ME

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