[Tinyos-help] crossbow moteconfig OTAP (for MicaZ) problem

MURAT ARSLAN murat_a at live.com
Tue Feb 17 10:43:47 PST 2009

Hi Giri

I am sure that the node battery voltages were higher than 2.7 V and the boxes were checked.
After all, if the voltages were low or the check boxes were not checked, an error message appears and process stops immediately.
But, anyway, thanks a lot four your interest and help.


Subject: RE: [Tinyos-help] crossbow moteconfig OTAP (for MicaZ) problem
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 09:01:36 -0800
From: mbaleri at xbow.com
To: murat_a at live.com
CC: tinyos-help at millennium.berkeley.edu

Couple of things to check:

sure you have a battery voltage of at least 2.7V 

sure you have checked the boxes next to node IDs before pressing “Prepare”




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Subject: [Tinyos-help] crossbow
moteconfig OTAP (for MicaZ) problem


Hi to all;

I'm using crossbow's MoteConfig software for over the air programming.

The set up I am working on contains two remote motes(with MTS400 sensor boards)

and a base station mode all of which are Micaz.(The Crossbow Starter Kit,

I locally installed basestation application (XMeshBase_2420_hp) to the mote
connected to the pc (board interface Mib520) 

via Moteconfig and 

then switched to the remote program tab.

When I pressed the "Search" button, two remote motes were detected
and seen on the GUI. 

But, when I pressed the "Prepare" button; although I saw the message
"Node preparation may take up to 1 minute", the

process is never completed. 

What can be the reason of this problem, I exactly carried out the steps
described in MoteConfig User's manual.

I would be so glad if you help me about solution of this problem.

Murat Arslan

Middle East Technical University

Electrical and Electronics Eng.
- Seni! or Student

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