[Tinyos-help] Packet sending question

029758s at acadiau.ca 029758s at acadiau.ca
Tue Feb 17 08:23:15 PST 2009

Hello folks,

I'm attempting to get my feet wet with TOS2 so I have some basic  
questions that my earlier attempts at research didn't answer.

I'm basing the first little program off the RSSI demo that comes with  
TOS. I managed to get the demo working with two motes but I can't seem  
to get it working with three with one sender, one  
interceptor-forwarder and one BS. Essentially what I want is this:

I have 4 motes #1..4 (4 being the BS)
1 and 2 create a packet containing their ID and transmit to 3
3 computes the RSSI, modifies the incoming packet with the RSSI and  
includes its own ID and transmits to 4

I can get the motes to send but I still don't know how to create the  
packet I want. In TOS1 it was easy to simply define the packet  
structure how I wanted it but alas TOS2 still gives me grief. I found  
a number of sources on sending packets but they've all been examples  
of sending empty packets.

So can anyone provide me with the insight on how to do this be it a  
tutorial or code snippet?

Thanks in advance folks for helping a new guy out!

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