[Tinyos-help] The applications can not be compiled any more, "*** No rule to make target..."

Urs Hunkeler uhu at gmx.ch
Wed Feb 11 03:47:36 PST 2009

Hi Ruoshui,

This sounds like the environment variables are not set correctly. I'm 
not sure for TinyOS 1.x, with TinyOS 2.x I would check:
$MAKERULES (this should indicate where the TinyOS specific makefiles are 

When I was still using windows, I think I had a startup script in 
/etc/profile.d for configuring the paths. You might also have set the 
paths in your .bashrc or .profile script.


Ruoshui Liu wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have been working on the tinyos 1.1.15, and it was working all right 
> with everything. One day, I installed the Jennic ZigBee Evaluation Kit 
> on my computer and the installation comes with the new version of 
> Cygwin. After the installation, my /cygwin shell/ has been replaced with 
> the /bash-2.05b/, and user interface has been totally changed. This was 
> solved by rerun the setup located in the 
> \tinyos\cygwin-installationfiles\, but the worst thing is I can not 
> compile any applications any more. The error message I have got is
> "../Makerules:26: /../apps/Makerules: No such file or directory
> make: *** No rule to make target `/../apps/Makerules'.  Stop."
> These makefile and makerules are exactly same as before, and I didn't 
> change anything. Could you anyone give me some hints on this please? I 
> really appreciate any help.
> Best regards,
> Ruoshui

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