[Tinyos-help] Collection Packet Format

Varun Jain varun at spiderbox.com.au
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Hi Alireza,


IF you use the Listen tool, then you can see all the bits defined
according to the structure defined in the following archived mail.





The above link explains everything as to how the incoming CTP packet can
be decoded when it is sent to a Serial port.


I hope it helps.





Varun Jain


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Hello All.

I collect packet from the network at the Base Station using Collection
protocol and then
Forward them to Serial port Like oscilloscope multihup program.Here is
the problem:

when i get packets at base using a java Application , i dont know where
is the actual payload and i dont know how many bytes i should pas in
order to reach the real data.

can anyone give me some resource to know what the structure of message_t
packets are and how 
usefull the headers can be.

Many thanks in advance.
Alireza Pourranjbar.

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