[Tinyos-help] b6lowpan: tunnel problems

Brendan Cody Kenny codykenny at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 05:38:10 PST 2009

Hi All,

I had the same problem on ubuntu based distro. fixed it by checking
some of the following along with working through the readme:

the readme mentions "$TOS_ROOT" which is not set by tinyos2.1.0 (it
sets $TOSROOT) so set $TOS_ROOT = $TOSROOT

make sure that permissions are correct on ttyUSB1 and TTYUSB0 (i just
set them to 777 to be sure)

I now get the tunnel up, have installed UPDEcho on some motes as per
readme, but there doesnt seem to be any communication between mote and
base station.

I turn on the mote, expect it to contact the base station and the
driver sets up the routing.

I am using the UDPEcho from conrtib as released 11-13-2008 and
everything else seems fine as instructed.

Whats missing here?


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