[Tinyos-help] Problems with deluge and b6lowpan

Jordi Soucheiron jsoucheiron at dexmatech.com
Wed Feb 4 05:22:35 PST 2009

I've been trying to make deluge work in some tmote sky in a b6lowpan
network, but so far I've been unsuccessful.
I've been able to upload some program images into the tmotes and using nc6
and nwprog I've checked that are correctly uploaded.
When i call nwprog list i get this:

nwprog list
image: 0
    [size: 34]
    [name: ����[��aFuɲY���
                              |�n��|��"��T�q��K��IZ9~7���e5A}.$ �g��U���՟�
�vk�fW ]
               |�n��|��"��Timage: 1
    [size: 25776]
    [name: BroadcastUDP]
    [user: jordi]
    [host: jsoucheiron]
    [arch: telosb]
    [time: 0x49896aa6]
image: 2
    [size: 43440]
    [name: UDPEchoC]
    [user: jordi]
    [host: jsoucheiron]
    [arch: telosb]
    [time: 0x498967de]
3 valid image(s)

Once done that it doesn't matter if I call nwprog boot 0, nwprog boot 1 or
nwprog boot 2. It starts the initial program stored in the flash (UDPEcho).
Does somebody know  what can I be doing wrong? Or is this a bug?
Thank you

Jordi Soucheiron
Software Engineer

Parc Tecnològic la Salle
Sant Joan de la Salle, 42
08022 Barcelona
t/f: [+34] 93 280 19 18
jsoucheiron at dexmatech.com
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