[Tinyos-help] "nescc1 internal error : couldn't define builtin macros" on powerpc macosx

Razvan Musaloiu-E. razvanm at cs.jhu.edu
Tue Feb 3 10:10:00 PST 2009


On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, francesco foresti wrote:

> Alle martedì 3 febbraio 2009, hai scritto:
>> Hi!
>> On Mon, 2 Feb 2009, francesco foresti wrote:
>>> Alle lunedì 2 febbraio 2009, hai scritto:
>>>> Not sure, but nescc sometimes produces wierd errors like this if a
>>>> configuration or module has a different name from the file it's in.  IE,
>>>> if there was a file FooC.nc which contains 'configuration Foo' (not
>>>> 'FooC'). Any chance this is the case?
>>>> Steve
>>> I can't be 100% sure as i'm a tinyOS newbie, but i was trinyg to build
>>> the Blink example application shipped with tinyos, which is hardly the
>>> cause of the problem.
>>> Anyway, the file BlinkC.nc has a module called BlinkC inside, while the
>>> other (BlinkAppC.nc) says "configuration BlinkAppC".
>> Can you try the macports from here:
>>  	http://hinrg.cs.jhu.edu/git/?p=ports.git
>> They follow the build procedure from deb packages. I tested them on
>> MacOS X 10.5 (leopard) on both G4 and Intel and it compiles without errors
>> the Blink for iris. You can grad the binaries for G4 from here:
>>  	http://cs.jhu.edu/~razvanm/ports/powerpc/
>> If it doesn't work please let me know. :-)
>> --
>> Razvan ME
> Hi, first of all thanks for your help.
> Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. The problem seems to be that avr-gcc
> fails with a simple "Bus error". Note that i have Tiger, and that i have used
> another version of ports, because i have installed it already.

The powerpc binaries were for Leopard. I'm building them for Tiger now.

> However, on the ibook there is also a debian installation, so if You know
> where i could find powerpc deb packages for tinyos i could try with that. I
> have already found and installed some Ubuntu gutsy packages (avr-gcc,
> avr-binutils, avr-libc, avra, avrp), and they seem to work, and have compiled
> nesc-1.3.0 so i should need only tinyos-related packages (tinyos-tools
> particularly, because i had problems trying to compile them from tinyos-2.x
> cvs sources).

I don't have a powerpc linux around so there is not much help I give on 
that. :-(

Razvan ME

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