[Tinyos-help] To send large payload in the TestSerial.

kiseop Lee acorrd at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 04:05:15 PST 2009

How does the TestSerial send large payload datas to host-PC by RS-232 ?

I have found that "TOSH_DATA_LENGTH 28" into CC2420.h file is used
in Packet.maxPayloadLength().
But I have modified it to 1300 and the test_serial_msg_t has a member array
which is composed
with 1200 bytes. Now, it does not operate.

I want to send 1200bytes per second to Host-PC by RS-232 and RF.
in this stage, I am testing only RS-232 and at next stage, I will send these
by RF.

Do you know this problem?
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